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Rotary Washing Line Installation

Rotary Washing Line and Rotary Airer Installation Video

This page contains the latest information and video guides, plus all the latest tricks for installing Rotary washing lines and Rotary Airers. The install of a Rotary Airer or Rotary washing line can be done by the average handyman and these washing line installation video's show step by step instruction's on exactly what needs to be done. 

The basic principle for installing rotary airers and rotary washing lines is virtually the same across all major brands, with a few slight differences from model to model.

All rotary washing lines and airers need to be securely anchored into the ground, this is so that they don't fall over when a full load of washing is hung out or blow away in a strong wind or storm.

The correct anchoring of your washing line is achieved by either concreting the main stem of the washing line into the ground or by concreting the ground socket(normally supplied with the washing line) into the ground also.

Below you will find links for both a video presentation and a photographic view, for the correct methods of installing most common brands of rotary washing lines and rotary airers found on the market today.   


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